International Trade Centre, Tajikistan

Маркази тиҷорати байнулмилалӣ, лоиҳаҳо дар Ҷумҳурии Тоҷикистон





Dushanbe and Khujand host ITC courses for trainers on how to improve sewing performance. 22/02/2021

Tajikistan textile stakeholders discuss implementation of full circle of processing cotton fiber to final product inside the country. 18/02/2021


ITC’s GTEX project reports on the results and impact of its activities in the Tajik textile and clothing sector. 03/12/2020

Tajikistan’s Customs Code explained with the unveiling of its first Commentary. 25/11/2020

The Second National Forum on the Textile and Clothing Sector of Tajikistan. 25/09/2020

Tajik textile companies learned what and how to produce in the pandemic times. 27/08/2020

Pandemic-hit small and medium-sized enterprises in Central Asia to get boost from European Union and International Trade Centre. 16/07/2020

“Spitamen Textiles” LLC brings in South Korean investment, experience and technology. 17/03/2020

Tajik fashion professionals to be trained on GRAFIS computer-aided design. 02/03/2020

Tajikistan at the International Istanbul Yarn Fair-2020. 26/02/2020

ITC builds knowledge of Tajik fashion professionals on modern dressmaking. 15/02/2020

“Ortex” launched production of new line of garment with worldwide standard colour quality. 06/02/2020

Tajikistan explores the world’s largest sportswear fair. 27/01/2020


Textile and clothing companies were introduced to financial instruments. 20/12/2019

ITC trains Tajik textile and clothing companies on corporate social responsibility. 11/11/2019

Preparation of domestic specialists for the Tajikistan textile and clothing industry in the focus of attention. 30/10/2019

ITC Exhibits Tajikistan Cotton Products to the World in Moscow. 17/09/2019

Workshop on conducting international market research for enhanced trade. 30/08/2019

Produced in Sughd, imported from China: Tajikistan Apparel Market Study conducted. 31/07/2019

Recognition of best companies in the textile and clothing sector of Tajikistan. 18/07/2019

Tajik textile and garment producers to learn the latest industry technology innovations in Barcelona. 20/06/2019

The public-private dialogue: discussing cooperation face to face. 23/05/2019

Tajikistan trade system goes online with launch of a special portal. 26/04/2019

Learning Lahore and Faisalabad: Tajik textile companies gain Pakistani experience. 09/03/2019

Tajikistan at the International Istanbul Yarn Fair-2019. 27/02/2019


New project, new initiatives, new markets, new multimillion export contracts: ITC stocktakes the year. 30/11/2018

ITC supports Tajikistan companies to attend China International Import Expo. 02/11/2018

To Istanbul, for Most Modern Clothing Machinery. 20/09/2018

ITC Exhibits Tajikistan Cotton Products to the World in Moscow. 18/09/2018

Tajikistan and Uzbekistan launch cooperation in the textile and clothing sector. 06/08/2018

Tajikistan makes steps forward to ease international trade. 16/08/2018

Tajikistan at the International Istanbul Yarn Fair-2018. 13/04/2018

Switzerland and ITC continue supporting textile and clothing export from Tajikistan. 09/04/2018

Tajikistan – Russian cooperation in the textile and clothing sector will rise to new level. 20/03/2018


Discussing issues related to development of the textile and clothing sector of Tajikistan. 09/10/2017

Tajikistan textile will go to the biggest fair in CIS. 29/08/2017

Raising business development and management skills of Tajik textile & clothing companies. 29/05/2017

ITC and Chamber of Commerce and Industry continue awareness raising initiatives for Tajik business community. 02/05/2017

Tajik clothing companies enhance their knowledge on wholesaling. 14/03/2017

Tajikistan textile production will be exhibited at the biggest fair in CIS. 13/02/2017

Third appearance of Tajik artisans in Frankfurt fair. 10/02/2017

Traditional participation of Tajik companies in the International Istanbul Yarn Fair-2017. 01/02/2017


Discussing achievements and challenges of ITC projects in Tajikistan. 02/12/2016

Preparation of Tajik craftsmen for the Ambiente fair. 25/11/2016

Tajikistan private sector will be familiarized with series of the WTO agreements. 04/10/2016

Traditional participation of Tajik companies at Textillegprom fair in Moscow. 19/09/2016

Tajik enterprises will learn European clients’ taste in colour. 15/09/2016

Tajik enterprises will raise awareness on modern fashion marketing. 03/08/2016

Coordinating Committee on Trade Facilitation of Tajikistan prepares to begin its work. 27/07/2016

Tajik textile and clothing companies visit Kyrgyzstan for a study tour. 24/05/2016

Marketing in modern fashion industry will be taught to Tajik enterprises. 18/05/2016

Seminar on website development for Tajik textile and clothing companies. 28/04/2016

Russian businessmen visit Tajikistan to familiarize with textile and clothing sector. 18/04/2016

Tajik fashion professionals learned brand creation and management. 15/04/2016

Presentation of Tajik textile and clothing companies at a business forum in Moscow. 15/02/2016

Tajikistan artisans in Europe. 11/02/2016

Tajik companies in the International Istanbul Yarn Fair-2016. 03/02/2016


Tajik delegation familiarizes with the Malaysian experience of trade facilitation. 30/11/2015

Tajik companies gain access to modern garment manufacturing technologies.12/11/2015

Tajik garment factories learnt apparel costing. 31/10/2015

ITC Tajikistan reports its achievements and discusses challenges. 01/10/2015

Tajik tailors and designers learnt garment construction. 23/09/2015

Tajik textile and clothing companies go to Moscow for the fifth time. 22/09/2015

Lead auditor training course on ISO 14001:2004 standard. 12/08/2015

Tajik handicrafts will go to Frankfurt fair. 31/07/2015

Introducing Tajikistan to the WTO’s Trade Facilitation Agreement. 29/07/2015

Tajikistan Establishes the National Trade Facilitation Committee. 13/06/2015

Workshops on Corporate Social Responsibility and Occupational Safety and Health in Tajikistan. 25/05/2015

Tajik designers learned to creatively use 3D style pattern-making techniques. 24/04/2015

Dushanbe’s first cultural tour guide available for city residents and guests. 01/04/2015

Tajik handicraft products in the biggest handmade gift fair in CIS. 16/03/2015

Tajikistan showcases its handicraft in Frankfurt. 13/02/2015

Tajik yarn industry explores new markets through Istanbul fair. 05/02/2015

Tajikistan will develop a new Textile and Clothing Sector Strategy. 27/01/2015


ITC prepares Tajikistan to showcase its handicrafts in Frankfurt and Moscow fairs. 04/12/2014

Tajik designers improve their fashionview in Singapore. 01/12/2014

Assisting Tajik textile companies to make a step forward. 28/11/2014

ITC continues introducing Tajikistan with the WTO trade-defense instruments. 28/10/2014

ITC in Tajikistan: Achievements to date and way forward. 16/10/2014

Tajikistan’s WTO accession: Advantages and challenges for the food and agriculture, and metallurgy industries. 30/09/2014

Record number of Tajik companies at Textillegprom fair in Moscow. 23/09/2014

Tajikistan: One step closer to the National Food Safety Strategy. 23/09/2014

Lead auditor training course on ISO 9001:2008 standard in Tajikistan. 11/08/2014

Tajikistan will categorize WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement measures. 17/06/2014

“3G-Tailor” training for Tajik clothing companies. 12/06/2014

ITC presents its study on inclusive tourism development in Tajikistan. 19/05/2014

Tajikistan textile and clothing industry’s advantages and challenges from country’s WTO accession. 16/05/2014

The European Union’s GSP+ schemes were introduced in Dushanbe. 14/05/2014

Tajikistan will be introduced with the WTO trade-defense instruments. 06/05/2014

ITC studies Tajik textile and clothing companies’ access to finance. 05/05/2014

Productivity, profitability and competitiveness in the clothing industry. 29/04/2014

ITC assists Tajikistan in developing a National Food Safety Strategy. 17/04/2014

International standards coming to the Tajik textile and clothing industry. 10/04/2014

Tajikistan ministries’ representatives will be trained on multilateral trade system. 07/04/2014

Tajikistan at the Istanbul Yarn Fair. 25/03/2014

ITC business guides on Tajikistan’s accession to World Trade Organisation (WTO). 06/03/2014

The Tajik textile & clothing sector rediscovers the silk road. 03/03/2014

Bridging bio-cotton with textiles & clothing. 25/02/2014

Training in sourcing for textile & clothing companies in Tajikistan. 12/02/2014


ITC conducted and released a study on trade obstacles faced by Tajik exporters in foreign markets – can the WTO help address them? 06/12/2013

ITC bridges tourism to creative industries in Tajikistan. 02/12/2013

Tajik private sector will be familiarized with the WTO system. 16/10/2013

Textillegprom fair in Moscow hosts Tajik textile and clothing companies. 23/09/2013

Tajikistan energy services commitments and liberalization. 03/09/2013

Tajikistan regions will be familiarized with the WTO agreement on SPS. 27/08/2013

Enhancing Tajik trainers’ potential on WTO sanitary and phyto-sanitary measures. 06/07/2013

Tajikistan agricultural sector commitments and liberalization. 28/06/2013

WTO sanitary and phytosanitary measures workshop for Tajikistan. 25/06/2013

Tajik companies participating for the second time at the Istanbul yarn fair. 28/05/2013

The Projects Steering Committee (PSC) meeting. 24/05/2013

Tajikistan transport services commitments and liberalization. 19/04/2013

How Tajik telecommunications can make the most of WTO accession? 02/04/2013

Tajikistan officially announced as WTO’s 159th fully-fledged member. 02/03/2013


“Haft Paykar” company launches its official web-site. 31/12/2012

Switzerland continues supporting Tajikistan in post WTO accession period. 14/12/2012

The role of the international community in Tajikistan’s accession to WTO. 11/12/2012

Developing Trade Information And Business Advocacy Services. 04/12/2012

WTO Agreement on TBT: In the context of business. 21/11/2012

Tajik delegation will visit Thailand. 25/10/2012

Assisting Tajikistan in WTO accession. 15/10/2012

Textillegprom fair in Moscow hosts Tajik companies. 24/09/2012

Making the most of WTO accession: Learning programme for business managers. 22/05/2012

Taijk companies looking for opportunities in Turkish textile market. 20/04/2012

New efforts to assist Tajikistan in WTO accession. 16/04/2012

E-introduction of first Tajik artisan blogger. 19/03/2012

Opening the doors in foreign markets for Tajik exporters. 12/03/2012


The Third Meeting of the Project Steering Committee. 29/11/2011

Textillegprom Fair in Moscow Will Host Tajik Companies. 26/09/2011

La mode Tadjike s’expose a Moscou. 20/09/2011

Tajik Fashion Goes on Show in Moscow. 20/09/2011

Tajik Artisanal Companies Participate at Paris fair. 30/08/2011

Quality and Productivity Gainsharing with Tajiki T&C Companies.  25/07/2011

“3G” workshop for Tajik and Kyrgyz Clothing Companies. 28/06/2011

E-Introduction of ITC Project Online Home.14/03/2011

Way to the World of Online Knowledge. 14/03/2011

Kyrgyz Specialists Share the Experience. 20/02/2011


Project Steering Committee (PSC) Second Meeting. 07/12/2010

Establishing a Working Group on the Transparency Provisions in the WTO Agreements. 09/11/2010

Tajikistan Delegation Visited “Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics 2010” Fair. 18/10/2010

ITC International Consultant on Sourcing – Ms. Doreen Tan’s mission. 13/09/2010

Research on Russian Textile and Clothing Market. 11/05/2010

Strategy Formulation Seminar to Define a Comprehensive Development Strategy. 30/03/2010

Representatives of Tajik T&C Sector Visit Paris International Fairs. 08/02/2010

Strategic Value Chain Diagnosis and Action-Planning Seminar. 28/01/2010


Consultation Forum on developing a strategy for the T&C industry of TJK. 27/10/2009

The official signing ceremony of the new project document. 22/10/2009

The Official Ceremony of Launching New Project. 07/07/2009

Two Tajik Enterprises were Certified for ISO 22000 standard. 20/04/2009

Five Tajikistan Enterprises Participate at ProdExpo-2009 in Moscow. 09/02/2009


Development of the National Quality Infrastructure and Technical Regulations Workshop. 17/10/2008

Consumer Survey of Tajikistan Produced Apricot Juice in Dushanbe . 02/06/2008

Special Training Course for Tajikistan Lead Auditors on ISO 9000 . 12/05/2008

Tajikistan Delegation Visits Foodstuffs, Drinks and Food Raw Materials – ProdExpo-2008. 11/02/2008 


Six Enterprises Represents Tajikistan in Moscow ProdExpo-2008 . 10/12/2007

Presentation of Export Directory of the Tajik Enterprises. 02/07/2007

Implementing and Realization a Quality Management System Workshop. 29/06/2007

Awareness on Implementing a Food Safety Management System Workshop. 30/04/2007

Tajikistan Fruit & Vegetable Processing Enterprises in Moscow ProdExpo-2007. 12/02/2007